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Live each day to the Fullest 07 September 2011

Not counting all those short entries I did, it's been a long time since I had some quiet moments to write something here. For those who do not know, I was admitted to hospital on the 7th August at about 3.30am. In simple terms, I had some gastric acid reflux and a ulcer down somewhere on my esophagus.

And as a result, the doctor gave me some really much needed rest - 32 days of medical leave! The initial 2 weeks or so was rather painful. Each morning I woke up, I felt terrible in my chest area. It was way worse when I got admitted. I could hardly breathe, and with each mouth of water or food that went down my throat, it was unbearable. One mouth of food took like 5 minutes of my time.

Anyways, all that is over. Really thank all those that took the effort to come visit me with all that boredom in hospital. I guess, God knew what I was going through. He knew I needed the rest. This one month came at the right time. With my greatest passion's pace moving so quickly, I had time to do what I had to. The first 2 weeks of my rest wasn't much of rest, but I enjoyed every moment, till Livesnapps became Livesnapps Pte Ltd! Slowly everything came into place. Livesnapps is probably the only company in Singapore that is able to project LIVE on iPads! Yes! As many as you want!

If God provides, no one can stop anything he has given. Trust.

Livesnapps has come a long way. From a 2 men team, we're now a team of 6! It's all about delegation. I can't possibly swallow everything. Not when we've done a Groupon deal selling out whatever we could.

Things are more stable now, with many marketing avenues coming underway. We'll need your support. It's my passion, my business, my life. That's about it for Livesnapps.

This one month of rest has definitely been great. Though I wanted to go back to work on the third week, my boss told me not to. O well. I've been thinking pretty much. About work, friends, and what I want to achieve. Preparing for the next 2 years seems crazy. But soon enough, you'll realise time has passed so quickly, and leaving a salary job with a housing loan to pay for, wanting to provide for my family. Business has to be good for me to lead a comfortable and decent life. At least 5x what I'm earning now. haha.

Guess I'm good to go! Back to work tomorrow! Just that somehow, my stomach is acting weird with all that air and bloatedness constantly. Hoping for an exciting time back at work. Lots of emails to clear that's for sure. haha.

God Bless!

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Live each day to the Fullest 06 August 2011


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Live each day to the Fullest 03 June 2011

One month, a totally busy hectic mad month full of events. I'm too tired. I've been really pissed. I can't stand people not replying. I can't stand people taking me for granted. I shan't say much. It makes me more pissed. Pictures I've uploaded on facebook and I'm too lazy to post them here for now.

Let me just say one final thing.

If replying is so difficult, don't bother, because i won't bother you.

If saying no is so easy without offering a solution, don't bother, because i won't bother about it either.

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Live each day to the Fullest 02 May 2011

April ended with a swift and May's here with a storm! May Day was ultra fantastic fun spent with these lovables! Picnic, Drinks, Del Mar, Azura, Spize! Simply so much fun we had at sentosa! Never stayed there till 12am! We must book a room there the next time! hahaha.

May's gonna be another fast month moving on. Waiting for uni application, organising a photography workshop, planning a holiday are some things on the want-to-do list!

Till then! =D Have a blessed May peeps! It's great because there're just so many holidays! haha

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Live each day to the Fullest 27 April 2011

Plucked my Wisdom tooth yesterday! Thank God it wasn't as pain as I thought it would be! That's some wisdom gone! Didn't know a tooth could be so big!

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Live each day to the Fullest 16 April 2011

Last Night's cycling trip was definitely an eventful one. I mean 'eventful'. First time organizing a big group night cycling trip. Thanks to Simon, I got a chance to interact with my CHR/BB juniors. Way way my juniors.

The plan was to start at 10pm, cycling from woodlands to punggol and ending latest at 2am. But apparently with a wonderful night of tubes bursting, not once but twice, chains coming out, and bicycles that just weren't able to go as fast as road bikes, we had to cut our journey short, ending at jalan kayu with supper and then back to woodlands. It was 4am when I got home after escorting the young ones back.

Definitely not what I was expecting for a long distance trip, having to make several u-turns ensuring that the everyone was ok. But I guess, it was still my obligation, my instinct, to make sure my juniors were all fine. Though I always wanted to race off as fast as I could, I always made sure I turn back after making sure the front ones were doing well.

The trip didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be, but God definitely taught me much. Learning to be patient, and more important to be a big brother, looking after the younger ones.

The next trip will not be for the faint hearted. wahahaha. I'm loving this!

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Live each day to the Fullest 10 April 2011

Let's keep this short. The start of April has been eventful. Pictures next.

1. Out with Joel & Mel.

2. Wee Hou & Kathleen's Wedding

3. Out with SJ, Em & Eugene. Definitely exciting! With us heading to Tanjong Katong instead of usual town! Then Blue Jaz for drinks, and over to Bar Stories for more!

4. And now, out with Rach & Aaron!

That's it for now! Have a good week ahead peeps! =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 28 March 2011

In just a short span for a week, perhaps just a day, I made the decision to do the Bachelor of Finance at Unisim. I'm not doing it so much for the paper, but for the knowledge I am going to gain through this course. I definitely need the support of everyone. I guess it still boils down to one reason I have to live for, which is to live life to the fullest!

Let's just hope I get accepted and am able to start in July! =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 27 March 2011

Once again, another month is coming to an end. This month has definitely been a month filled with events and emotions. From doing a skate photoshoot, to Cynthia's 21st birthday, Jared & Lin Xin's wedding, to getting to meet new friends, getting emotions all mixed, and deciding what I should move on to study.

Though it was pretty last minute and done without planning, I was glad to have been given the chance to sponsor this photoshoot, for Singapore's best inline skaters that have won numerous gold medals for Singapore. The following is team freestyle, one of the teams I shot for.

12 March 2011 was definitely a hot date for weddings, parties, events, functions, but I had to choose 2 to go to only. It was certainly a happy occasion seeing 2 friends going through all odds, and finally being together as one. Really happy for you guys!
Congratulations Jared & Lin Xin!

Cynthia's Birthday celebration came next! Glad to have made it wonderful through photography, and making new friends!

Just the past week, I managed to drop by NYP, meet up with a couple of my lecturers, and somehow, I got inspired to take up a degree. It's not very much for the coveted piece of paper, but to study what I have interested in, and what I want to understand in the world of business. It's pretty a headache choosing where to study and what course to take, especially when commitment levels are high and proper decisions have to be made in a couple of days if I want to start studying in the next half of the year.

One side of me has been pretty much disturbed by ignorance once again. I simply hate (not dislike) the feeling of being ignored, with no reason, no answer.

On a happier note, yesterday's CG was encouraging, seeing so many turn up just made me skip a church wedding just to go for CG! Love you guys! I just hope we will be able to grow and bond closer over the years even as each of us have our own commitments.

Attended my mum's nephew's wedding last night as well. Not so much about the wedding I want to talk about but the dinner concept. Held at My Humble House - by Tung Lok, it was a simple and small setting, with each individual dish served personally over a long table. Just like how you would be served at a french restaurant, only that this is definitely cheaper than a 4 course french dinner. ha.

Looking forward to a new month! Each day passes, with each having a surprise, what God has planned for you and me!

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Live each day to the Fullest 24 March 2011

This is the day my hotmail/msn got blocked! Damn!

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Live each day to the Fullest 06 March 2011

I think I love you, but I doubt we'll go anywhere...

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Live each day to the Fullest 27 February 2011

It's the second last day of February, and it'll be soon it'll be chapter 3 for 2011. Looks like I am blogging once in two weeks. ha. February has been totally crazy for me. Above all, my health hasn't been too good. Been having a really bad sinus that resulted in 4 days of MCs in 2 weeks! Even so, my body didn't seem well rested with sleepless nights, and the nights I went on sneezing and sneezing. Days in the office weren't better with work piling up due to my absence, plus a nose that kept running.

Tiredness got in the way despite me, ever wanting to make full use of my time. God told me I needed rest. The much needed rest I needed to rest my physically body, and to rest my soul. Through it all, I've learnt that not all things are worth myself getting no sleep over it, and many things aren't deserving of my worry. I've finally learnt my lesson. If God had planned a way for me, he will, definitely put all things together for the good of all things. Truely, if I put all worries away, leaving them to God, that's certainly one whole load off your shoulder. Lesson: Trust in God for he made all things for a purpose, and he'll never leave you with more than you can carry.

Running a business as a passion for the love of doing business, the love of photography does get pretty tiring at times. Especially when there's no one there to share the load, nor is there any form of motivation to push you on. In recent months, God placed people in my life, friends with the desire of enterprise, friends with common goals in life, friends alike, friends that motivate me to carry on, and push on with what I'm doing despite the obstacles that I face.

It really motivates me to go on a long way, because of these friends that God has put in place. I feel blessed each time to speak to such people. And because of them, I'm always thinking of new business ideas, how to integrate different ideas together, for the benefit of consumers at the end of the supply chain.

I hope even as I get nearer the end of the first half of 2011, I would have much of my worries left to God solved. It's all a matter of time, but more of a fact of trust. Humans just have the lack of trust in God just too many times.

I'm gonna end the last day of February off from work, and I'm hoping March will be even more exciting! There's just so much in life awaiting you, you just have to look for it.

I always believe that if you're gonna wait for something to happen, it will never happen. If you're waiting for me to get it done for you, it'll never get done. I think I have to stop being that nice guy to some people. It doesn't do any good.

For now, wishing one and all blessed days ahead! Trust God in all that you do! =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 15 February 2011

CNY was certainly fun with these guys over at my place. And I'm still sick, and that sucks when pimple outbreak comes along and my nose turning redder from all that sneezing.

Another Family shot for 2011!

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Live each day to the Fullest 01 February 2011

I think there's just so much on my mind, I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights. Now, it's getting worse, I'm beginning to dream of weird stuff. I'm beginning to dream of reality, what would happen... Stressed or what?

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Live each day to the Fullest 30 January 2011

It's the end of January, and I guess I've been way too busy again to blog more frequently. Though it's been pretty hectic at work, I've been trying to take things slower. Trying not to do so many things at once (though I am still) seems pretty great.

Going to town seems like a everyday affair and this CNY, I've bought like a total of 6 tops and 2 bottoms. =X Never bought so much in such a short time. So please stop asking me out to shop, because I'll have to urge to buy whatever I see. ha.

I've been having quite some sleepless nights, despite the fact that I'm so tired. I just keep tossing and turning in bed, if not, I'll wake up at 2 to 3am in the morning.

Chinese New Year's just this week and yup, it's gonna be another relaxed week not having to go to work much. Once the following starts, it's gonna be...

Last weekend was spent at the 'Carnival @ iExperience'. Teaching Singaporeans about the new fibre optic cables that are gonna be lined up at every home, making speeds over the internet way faster. I definitely learnt alot through this experience. You guys should go down to esplanade exchange to check it out. You'll definitely learn something!

Friday was spent running about! From the Peranakan Museum(City Hall) to Bugis to get my ray bans to replace the one I lost, down to Boat Quay to Raffles Place and then to Orchard. Phew! The days I take leave never seem to be for me to rest.

This month, I watched 3 good movies - Love & Other Drugs (romance), Green Hornet (Comedy Action) and Shaolin (Action Packed). I've never been much of a movie person, but hey, seems like more and more good prouctions are coming out.

February's coming to a start but soon, it's gonna go past as soon as we could grasp it. So here's wishing everyone a happy, blessed and prosperous new year ahead!

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Live each day to the Fullest 08 January 2011

It's the first post of 2011, but it ain't starting off with a good note. This week hasn't been a good week at all. Completely felt out of energy, and as a result, I had to see the doc. Second to that, I think my patience is running out at work. It has finally come to my senses, yes, completely to my senses though I've known it for long, that people are selfish, selfish, and more selfish than you can ever imagine. I've got to learn to be that way, treat some people that way. It's definitely not in my values to be that way, but sadly, it has to be infused. It's a man eat man world. Everyone cares about themselves only. Too bad, I shan't be that nice anymore. At least to some people.

The year started off with a wedding, a 21st party, and my bad week ended off with another 21st party.

Congrats to Simon and Ruth! 010111

Happy 21st Dawn!

Happy 21st Mel Tee!

That's how my week was. Indeed so eventful! I believe this year's gonna be filled with more stuff coming up. I managed to find sometime during world to pen down my resolutions? Nah, I won't call them that, more of my expectations, dreams and wishes for the year 2011. =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 31 December 2010

It's the last day of 2010! So much excitement, with anticipation to 2011! Yes, I am looking forward to 2011, with so many things I want to do and achieve. Work, business, personally. What's up? I shall take this day to process my thoughts and write them all down.

Second last day of the year was spent with the residents of MindsVille. Was definitely an enriching experience for me to be able to capture such wonderful memories for them as well as to get to know more about people with disorders such as autism.

The daily tasks we do routinely is no easy tasks for them and constant teaching and reminders are needed to teach them so that they can get on with their daily lives.

Though there weren't many of us from 185 that went, I'm sure those that went found the experience enriching.

As individuals, we got to know that we're blessed just as we are. Never take what you have for granted, and bless others with what you have. You should really have this not in your 2011 resolution, but with you in your hearts for as long as you shall live... God bless! Have a blessed 2011.

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Live each day to the Fullest 27 December 2010

I really had fun in JB yesterday! =D I really really really really enjoyed myself with great shopping, good food, and lovely company! =D

Next up, Bangkok!!!

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Live each day to the Fullest 22 December 2010

I guess a injured left thumb during this festive season doesn't help much. But it got me thinking. Was there a reason for it? Does God want me to drop what I am doing just to be still before him? Perhaps overworking ain't the right way to treat my body after all. And it seems that my body's just to flexible I'm pretty much prone to injuries at my joints. I'm just doing all it takes to make sure it gets well I don't even mind getting it wrapped for a week though it's really inconvenient.

Christmas is just 3 days away, and YES! My presents are here! Presents to give of course. I usually don't give presents to that many people (over 100), but since it's my first year of work, I just thought I should bless everyone. It's been a year of blessing for me, and yup, it really is important for me to bless others just as much as God has blessed me so richly. I just love giving more than receiving anyways, and I hope that everyone would come to realise that giving brings love, shows love, to the people around you, you'll feel even more blessed in return.

Have a blessed christmas everyone! =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 18 December 2010

Wow, I didn't know I haven't blogged for some time again. Anyways, Blessed Birthday to you Aaron! Went down to Hatched to surprise the birthday! =D Definitely a nice place. Good ambience, good food! Most importantly, GOOD company! =D Definitely a good saturaday morning well spent though I barely slept the night before.

Besides all the fun and laughter, days have been spend buzzing around. Meeting people, discussing deals, work, church camp etc. December's a pretty relaxed period despite many huge happenings and events. Besides, my stomach hasn't been feeling good ever since day 2 of church camp. Really crappy.

Daniel's Back! Emily's Back! Been meeting the girl pretty often. =D

Christmas is coming! Time of giving. I usually don't buy presents, but I thought, this year, I shall bless 110 people with a simple gift, but as per usual me, it's customized! So, see me in church on Christmas and I may just pass you one! =D

For everything else, there's facebook! =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 05 December 2010

ISO Course 9000 with these fun people!
And met the wonderful people! Love you guys to bits!

Too tired to blog... Will be away in Malacca this week! 8th to 11th Dec 2010

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Live each day to the Fullest 30 November 2010

It was MBS SkyPark & Esplanade with 185 SQN HQ & RSS Steadfast today! Under the hot sun we went about... I shan't rant much. But please, don't waste $20 on the skypark ticket. Totally not worth it at all!

The rest can be viewed here!

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Live each day to the Fullest 27 November 2010

**Please be warned that this is gonna be a really long post after 3 months of not blogging**
Sitting in ward 23, NUH right now, I guess I could take some silence of the hospital to think through what I've been going through since I turned 21. The world that revolves around me - God, Family, Friends, Relationships, Work, Business, the state I'm in, and the Future. My perspectives have changed, though differing little, it continues to stir really provocative thoughts in me. I, always want something better for tomorrow, something that coud possibly change the world, or at least the mindsets of the people around me.

God, Family, they've always been around me. There when I need them. But when it comes to relationships among friends and others, I really thought through hard and deep about it. My perspective and the way I am going to look at things, who my friends are, who I can really trust, and who I can depend on in my deepest and darkest moments.

My 21st celebration was never about, how big a party I could organise, or how much limelight would shine on me. It was a celebration of life, a way of thanks, to the people around me that have gone through a phase of life with me. They may not have been the closest, but they've definitely made an impact on my life I want to thank them for in one way or another.

The days that led to the celebration of the year, really showed me who cared, who really took the initiative to show their love for me by taking the time off to help me. Even though so, I really hoped my friends knew how to take the initiative whether they were helping or whether the things they did helped benefit others around them or even themselves. I think that's lacking in many young people in the present world. 'The heart to help with no gain or return.' I thank my mum and my neighbours for their love and their effort put in to making the party a great one for all. And especially my mum, who had many sleepless nights, and all the running about she had to do to collect the various stuff so that all the food could be such a spread for you guys! Yan Zheng & Calvin, thank you so much for taking leave to come help, though it would have been even better if you guys learn to take initiative more. It'll definitely help you a long way. =D

Music got the party going, thanks to Jeremiah, our budding DJ and his team that made it a totally wonderful night, spinning various genres of music. I guess no other party, or at least any other 21st parties you and I have been to has ever had 3 DJs spinning through the night.

I'm sure the alcohol got some people really going as well. An entire bar fully equipped with everything you wanted - beer(30L), wine, hard liquor of all sorts, mixers, and everything that needed a bar to be going, except a bartender. i'm sure no party has ever had so much like this. ha. And I thought I could clear everything at the end, but well, I was left with even more at the end. So please, if you wanna have a drink over at my place, you're more than welcomed!

With so many happy moments, and yes, loads of tiring moments, I felt really blessed with so many friends surrounding me with love. The gifts that poured in just showed how much each one cared. Though the greatest gift to me still, is each and every individuals presence, the thought, the effort to come, despite a busy schedule everyone has. Even as I say this, sometimes, I really hoped for notes, letters, cards, from friends that I've known for years and years. At least, that shows, how much they love me. That would be the best gift of all.

It has also come to my conclusion that, though many care, many on the other hand cannot be bothered either. More than 30 people that said they were coming did not even turn up, and many, in fact majority, didn't even bother to notify me. That really broke my heart. But ever since that day, it told me one thing, I cannot be bothered with you either. Why should I, if I'm not worth your effort. Why should I, if I don't mean a thing. Why should I, why should I. I know I sent that utterly love hate message on facebook. And yes, I mean what I say.

I really think humans should just learn to wake up a little and take a look around them. I know everyone has their own priorities in life. And if I happen NOT to be in that list, you won't be in mine either.

i felt a sense of warmth, because of the people that made the effort, though I hardly meet them once a year, or even not meet them but just because of work that brought us together. And some, whom I've not met in years. You just fill me with love with your presence alone. And these are the people, that yearn, to foster a friendship with you, that would and could possibly, last years, a lifetime.

Those who really know me, know that I treasure friendships above many other things. Those who don't treasure their friends, please think again. Your girlfriend/boyfriend may be with you for now. but one day, should it fail, you'll realise, you'll have no one around you, because you spent all your time on that one peson and neglected all your friends. Don't go crying then.

And please people, I hate empty promises. If you say you want to give me a treat, please make it happen. I'm not there to remind you. I don't need your treat. So say it if you mean it!

Work has been as per normal, if not crazier, but it doesn't affect me much since I don't bring work home. I just dread spending almost 4 hours of my time everyday travelling. So much could be done with that time.

Livesnapps is having it's ups and downs, with my wonderful partner wanting to leave the business though it hasn't been long. But through all that we are going through, i always ask myself, 'if God made it possible for us to begin this wonderful journey, who am I to say I should stop.' If God gave me the opportunities in life, and the more opportunities to come, why should I stop. Why should I stop others from having opportunities that I could possibly give when God was in it from the very start.

2010 is coming to an end, 2011 awaits me with more surprises, more drive, more commitment. I hope I ain't regretting anything big, but only the lack of commitment from many, to meet up after so so long.

You, make my life what it is, and You, motivate me, drive me, to greater heights.

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Live each day to the Fullest 17 November 2010

It's almost a month since I turned 21, have been wanting to blog. Been busy at times, yet free most of the other, but yet, I never had a clear mind to think and pen my thoughts down. Sometimes, I feel tired over work, I don't know what the next step should be. All I hope and ask, is for God, to lead me through all that I am in...

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Live each day to the Fullest 03 November 2010

I know it's been quite some time since I last post here. Give me some time, and I'll it back. There's just so much in my mind since I turned 21...

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Live each day to the Fullest 07 September 2010

I was planning for a post on Sunday, but it turns out, I forgot. And now, I'm sick, again. Yes. I know. Stuck with a virus that came unknowingly. It was a hectic saturday, shuffling from place to place. From work, to meeting Eunice, then Sam for Dinner, then to KYMC for Awe worship. The day ended with supper with these peeps. Glad to have been able to try some new yogurt out, though seriously, there's nothing great about it, only a hefty price you have to pay if you simply love swirling our more yogurt - with the price, paid by the amount you take! =X (BTW, it's swirl art)

I'll just stop here. Trying to keep it short, my mind's just not thinking! I'll be back! =D

And yes, happy & blessed birthday to you WZ! And to EM, happy & blessed 21st! I love you! See you real back soon!

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Live each day to the Fullest 29 August 2010

I know I've not blogged for 2 weeks, and yes, August is coming to an end just like that. Life's been really busy with so many things going on, plus... I've officially stopped procrastinating and decided to go ahead and plan my 21st Birthday 2 months ahead! That's what has been keeping me busy all these while. Details more or less confirmed. Guests list out, invitations sent. What's left is simply confirming the number of people (est 130-200pax), confirming with caterers and suppliers and ensuring whatever needs to be done is done asap! And 1 month before it all happens, I'll be one happy guy sitting and relaxing not having to worry so much, enjoying my day when it finally arrives. So if you've received my invitation, then please respond in facebook cos it's a by invitation party only. =D I'll be back here soon when I have a little more time to spare. Have fun through the week peeps! God Bless! =D

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Live each day to the Fullest 15 August 2010

The weekend's been totally awesome it burnt a hole in my pocket! haha. Anyways, let me talk about the eventful weekend bit by bit...

Friday, 130810 - Went out with Cyn, Cel, SJ & Eugene to celebrate Cel's Birthday! Awesome company, good food, good night! Raindrops at Scape was pretty good, only that they made me wait long for my squid pasta which was pretty good.

Saturday - 140810 - Had some fun at CG! CG's getting really more and more fun with lots more people joining us each time! Played some sheep game which was pretty ... ha. Then it was over to Bugis, Arab Street to celebrate Calvin's 21st Birthday! And we had some good view of fireworks happening at the YOG opening, though it wasn't much.

Sunday, 150810 - Church, then went out with the not usual group to have Suki Sushi over at Cine! They really amaze me this time, with their order whatever you want which includes all the sashimi! I've never seen so much sashimi infront of me like that before. ha.

I didn't know YOG taxi's had a special car plate!
Look at all that sashimi!!
Well, it's gonna be a brand new week! Lot's of stuff coming up! I hope and pray for it to be good, through the grace of God.

I'm beginning to not like going out right now. =X

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